6 2022 Indie Gems to Sink Your Teeth Into


When people think about gaming, their mind immediately turns to mainstream AAA games, of which there are many great titles. However, if you scratch beneath the surface, you will find countless indie games from small studios offering unique experiences. If you’re curious to experience a world beyond the mainstream, start by reading this article. 


SmoothBrainDev is bringing a beautiful 90s retro shooter out in fall 2022. Incision is in demo mode at the minute, which means you can play the demo and watch the trailers, and the first-person action definitely delivers. The best part about these indie games is the low graphics, which means they can be played on any Lenovo gaming tower regardless of the specs. 

Shardpunk: Verminfall

Shardpunk: Verminfall hasn’t quite entered the world in full yet, but the demo version and waitlists have been open for a while, which means you can get a little taste. This unique 8bit-style game is a survival strategy game rooted in teamwork. There is plenty of combat in the game, with a side of RPG and turn-based play. After playing the demo and watching the trailer, we’re excited to see what developers Clockwork Pile come up with next. 


Selva Interactive takes us on an out-of-this-world adventure with Illuminaria. Releasing in February 2022, this game is already being enjoyed by indie genre fans. Players control a group of robots on a mission to collect resources, build up bases, and protect their spaces. There is a lot to do in this game and the description doesn’t do it justice, so make sure you watch the trailer

502’s Arcade

502 Studios have a simple but enjoyable concept here. 502’s Arcade brings a series of arcade games, which are all played at an in-game arcade. The idea is that people will journey between the games to compete for the highest scores, which take into account all global players. Judging by the demo we played, this game will tap into the nostalgia of 70/80s kids as well as hit a modern audience with non-retro-style arcade games. 

Beyond The Long Night

Noisy Head Games is made of a trio of developers previously attached to Frontier, which means we know this game is great. Beyond The Long Night was funded successfully through Kickstarter and is described as “charming and “uplifting”, which is what we want to see from this type of game. After seeing the trailer, this game gave us big Hollow Knight and Ori and the Wisp vibes, albeit in pixelated vision. 

The Tartarus Key

If you enjoyed the  PS1 horror era of Silent Hill, you will love The Tartarus Key. The game is spooky, full of puzzles, and there are countless ways for the protagonist to die – what more can you ask from an indie horror game. 

There’s a world of indie games laying just beneath the surface, all you need to do is look. The titles above are our favorites for 2022, but there are plenty of other indie hits out there for you to sink your teeth into.


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