Solve these interesting math problems

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These are some of the most thought-provoking, mind-bending, math problems that have ever been asked of a student. 

Solving these equations will put your skills through their paces and will reveal your answer in the process. In order to solve each problem, use either a pencil or pen to carefully track all steps.

One problem is discussed here about if albert’s son is my son’s father.

Here are some points discussed about the maths problems-

Math problems are like poetry.

It is like you are reading a poem, except an wavy poem, which makes it more difficult to understand without the aid of the medium you are using to read it.

Maths problems can be taught like conversation.

Certain mathematical concepts can be presented in the form of conversations that illustrate how they work and how they apply to real-life situations. Conversations illustrate complex math concepts in simpler terms. 

Conversations can also be used to show you different math concepts at once, so it saves time and effort when preparing before an exam/meeting etc.. 

The number of questions you can present at your discretion depends on your definition of “well conceived”.

Maths problems are like puzzles.

Solutions in maths can often come to you when you least expect it. They won’t come when you are in the middle of an exam or mid-meeting or when annoyed with your co-workers for their lack of attention. 

They will probably occur during the fun parts of life like when you are on an outing with your friends, dancing, hanging out at home etc. 

People tend to make errors in the same areas over and over again. The problem with math puzzles is that once you have seen one, you have seen them all and the solutions aren’t so hard anymore either. 

These types of mathematical questions can also be very repetitive too which can become a bit boring after a while.

Maths problems are like morals.

They tell you what you should be doing in life and how to deal with them if they come your way, but they don’t always work out the way they are supposed to. 

This is mostly because people will always find a way through them without difficulty or suffering any ill-effects on the society as a whole, for example solving maths problems can be used to improve efficiency in some areas of our lives without affecting others too much.

Maths problems are like parables.

Parables are stories that cannot be accounted for by natural events or scientific facts alone but require supernatural explanations. 

These stories are told to illustrate basic principles of morality. You can use mathematical parables to present difficult math problems by putting them into simple terms which makes it easier for you to understand them better. 

This also helps to create a better understanding between you and the audience.

Maths problems are like riddles.

Riddles are used as an intellectual game or puzzle where the objective is to find out the answer by figuring out the clues given in the riddle itself, if you are able to do this, then you will have uncovered the answer of the problem at hand.

Here are some interesting math problems with answer-

1.What is the probability that two different people will throw their coins in succession with the same number showing up on both of them?

-P(x) = 0.1

2. If a basketball has radius r feet, what is the maximum height it can reach if tossed straight up into the air?

-π(r) = 2√3(2r) = 4√3 π r

3.What is the probability that in a certain game of cards, there are no black “kings” when there are at least 6 cards left in the pack?

-P(x) = 0.5

4.If it took 1 minute to solve a certain math problem, how long should it take you to double that time to 2 minutes?

-2√t = 1

5.There are six children in a family, each one of them have different hair color red, black, brown and blonde. We know that they are three girls and three boys. We also know that the mother is blonde and the father is black, find out how many kids there are in this family.

-3 + 3 = 6 (there’s only one way for this to happen)

6.A boy named Paul played a game of tag with his brother and sister at their school playground after lunch recess. The children had been playing for 15 minutes and were at even score when Paul ran to catch a bus back home. 

In that time his brother and sister had both tagged him. Find out how long it would take for Paul to run home after the bus drops him off, if he is to return to the playground immediately after getting on it.

-15√t = 21(There’s only one way for this to happen)


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