The Most Entertaining Casino Influencers


For those who are looking for a fling by the fire at a casino with mgm grand casino map, there is no need to look far. Las Vegas has an abundance of overzealous influencers who create and maintain blog pages with their own personal style and insight into their favorite casinos. Some of them are traditional blog reviewers, while some have developed so much over time that they have become alternative media personalities. Whatever you’re looking for, these casino influencers will be sure to provide the entertainment. Here’s a list of what could be your next go-to source in your quest for finding the best place to gamble:

1) Casino Review Blogs : 

These blogs review casinos as well as providing information on slot machines and other types of gambling. Everyone knows that the casino is not always there, so reviews such as these are an essential part of casino travel. Whatever you want to know about a casino, chances are good that their review blog has it covered.

2) Video Bloggers : 

If you’re looking for information on how a particular slot machine operates or need instructions on how to play online poker, you can find operators who make videos to walk you through it. As long as they’re based in or near Vegas, they can help with all your gambling needs.

3) Online Gambling : 

Online gambling sites are also available and also provide a lot of different gambling alternatives for their users. They are also a great place to get in touch with experts like online poker or online slots professionals.

4) Alternative Media Personalities : 

Vegas is not all casinos: there are a lot of other different people out there who make a living in Vegas. Bloggers such as Johnny Betts make it their mission to show you how to do things right without wasting your time. Others, like Sin City Sally, provide entertaining insights on the nightlife culture of Vegas.

5) Gamblers Anonymous: 

If you need help with what could be an addiction problem with gambling, Gamblers Anonymous is available to help you through it. They provide free support and information for those who have a gambling problem and want to quit.

6) Blogs of Casino Operators : 

If you want to know what a casino owner is like, how they handle their business and how they take care of your needs, then these blogs are for you. These operators have essentially made a career out of the casino business and will share everything that goes on behind the scenes.

There are a lot of social media influencers in Vegas who make it their job to be in the know about events that are going on. By finding these people, you can find events that are happening in Vegas as well as any special offers that may be available to slot players at the time. There are a lot of casinos in Vegas and everything is available online, so this only makes sense. If you’re looking for a great time in Vegas but have no idea where to start, don’t worry. With the help of these casino influencers and their reviews, there’s nothing that you can’t find in Vegas.

7) Local Guides : 

There are also many local guides to some of the most iconic casinos in Las Vegas as well as other places to visit around the city. These bloggers are also just people who love Las Vegas, so you’ll get an exciting insight into why people love living here as well as some fun places to go around town.

8) Local Events : 

Las Vegas has a lot of events that are happening as well. If you’re looking for a weekend getaway full of fun and excitement, it is all available right here in Vegas. There are bloggers who will help you find all the events that are happening in town as well as help you keep up with who’s coming to play and how you can get an autograph.

9) Foodies : 

Vegas also has some of the best chefs in the US and some great foodie bloggers who review local places to eat, drink, and spend the night out on the town. You’re guaranteed to find something that you’re going to love, so take a look at these foodie bloggers and let them lead the way. Everybody knows that food is a big part of any good trip and in Vegas, there are no shortages of things to eat. You can find just about anything here from raw foods to old-fashioned American favorites.

10) Personalities : 

Last but not least, there are also personalities such as Russ Foxx and Tony Hinchcliffe who make their living in Las Vegas. These guys are known for doing everything they can to make you laugh while also informing others about the best ways to enjoy their time in Vegas.


There’s a lot to cover when it comes to the alternative media personalities found in Las Vegas. To help you find the best one for you, we’ve created an infographic with the top 20 most popular content creators in Vegas. Make sure to check them all out so you’ll never miss out on anything that’s going on in town!

If you love Las Vegas, there’s no better place for you to be than at a casino. Just be sure not to get emotional about all your wins – Casinos are where people come for entertainment, and if they don’t deliver that then they are simply not meant for your enjoyment.


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