What Happens When Motif Gathers Larger Significance Throughout a Text?

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“Where once there was one man, now there are thousands and so the effect that he has is greater.” 

The Ancient Greeks were aware of the power that individuals have to shape society. But they didn’t understand it as deeply as we do in modern times. 

Do you know what can a motif contribute to, or become, when it gathers larger significance throughout a text?

In today’s society, everyone has a voice and this changes the way society operates largely for the better. This post explores what happens when a person becomes a social outcast, looking at examples from popular texts such as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

One day Motif was just an ordinary person living an average life with no importance whatsoever – but just one event changed everything for him forever. 

That event was a text message from an unknown source that read: “We need to talk.” The text was sent by Motif’s old friend Tetchy. 

Here are some more points discussed about Motif Gathers Larger Significance Throughout a Text-

1. Motif’s Appearance.

We see Motif when he is not disguised as the Phantom of Happy Valley. In the beginning of the poem Motif’s hair looks normal and is parted neatly on one side. 

The cut of his hair changed to that of the Phantom when he was busy ranting about how happy Valley used to be until he came along and destroyed it with his dark deeds. 

2. Motif Gathers Larger Significance Throughout a Text.

Motif is brought up as the most important character in the poem. From being a nobody to taking over all the characters feelings, thoughts and actions, Motif’s role keeps growing throughout the poem. 

Motif takes on larger significance in all aspects of the poem, becoming more important with each passing stanza. When we examine him at first sight he appears to be just a normal guy who likes horses and that won’t do anything weird or crazy. 

3. Motif’s Character Flaws

Motif shows his fall from grace when he falls for Happy Valley’s beauty, but only after there is no one left to use it. Motif goes on to describe the once happy Valley as being where people now lie dead. 

Motif also shows his weakness when he kills the woman he loves and loves to kill. Motif is a representation of what humans are capable of in a world where there is no order or limits. 

Though all humans have these characteristics, Motif has them in their purest form, allowed to run free and destroy for no reason other than the sake of destruction itself. 

4. The Symbolism in Motif’s Appearance

Motif Gathers Larger Significance Throughout a Text was written by Shakespeare as part of his tragedies and comedies to entertain audiences during that time, but today we see it differently. 

Today it’s easy to see how Shakespeare used symbolism in almost every part of this play. People are never just the person they appear to be in society and the same goes for fanciful characters such as the Phantom, Motif. 

5. “What Happens When Motif Gathers Larger Significance Throughout a Text?”

The tone, style and message of this poem keep changing as it progresses throughout, showing how Shakespeare influenced poets after him and how they were influenced by his work as well. 

For example we can see in “The Raven” that Edgar Allen Poe is heavily inspired by “Howl”. Another example I would like to show is from the children’s story ‘Snow White’. 

Many family pictures of today are similar to the one Snow White had in the story with no real difference between them.

“Collective Intelligence is a concept of value to many people, and it is increasingly important to us all. This is relevant because it means we can find solutions if we get into tight situations – even just by using our own personal values and experiences. 

In this way, in the long run, we can influence the world around us to try and make it a better place for everyone. ” 

6. Motif Gathers Larger Significance Throughout a Text and Othello.

Othello is the black man that fell in love with Desdemona. He became the general of Venice’s army after being promoted by Cassio, who helped him get his job. Later on, Othello believed these lies and killed Desdemona so he could be with his lover and mistress, Emilia. 

7. Motif Gathers Larger Significance Throughout a Text.

We see in Othello that he has been pushed over the edge by these lies and made him do something drastic and potentially life-changing for both himself and Desdemona. 

At this point in the play, Othello is consumed by rage, jealousy and hatred. 

If you compare this to Motif in Motif Gathers Larger Significance Throughout a Text then we can see that Motif is even more evil because he would only kill the woman he loves and not his rival as well. 


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