This Is How PC Games Will Look Like In 10 Years Time


Ten years ago, games were two-dimensional, the graphics were blocky and primitive, and for a lot of people playing video games consisted mostly of goofing around with their family. Today we’ve got 3D graphics that are indistinguishable from reality, high definition simulation-based games that model major world events like the Iraq War and World War II in minute detail, and a global industry worth billions of dollars. But what does the future hold?

We won’t lie to you: it’s hard to say. After all, this isn’t some crystal ball. But if we have to guess—well then okay, fine. Titanfall 2 tech test invite friends are not just going to let us guess. We’re going to render an educated opinion. In 2022, we will have the capacity to render large crowds of human beings on screen. This technology works in real time. Most video games still use discrete character models, and individual NPCs will only be added in a game when they’re encountered by the player, or when they are required to lend a hand—either with friendly NPCs like doctors who can heal you, or supporting roles like soldiers that back you up in combat—to the main character(s).

Furthermore, NPCs need not be restricted to simply steering the player’s fate. In the future, players will encounter NPCs that have the ability to drive like a madman, or fly like Superman – even navigate their own starship (the bulk of future games will include space-only experiences). But it’s not just video games that will benefit from this technology. In 2022, we can expect virtual reality technology to reach levels that are barely conceivable; however, by 2033, we will begin seeing experimental applications in areas such as architecture and transportation. Before we know it, simulation games may become a reality on a larger scale. Think about it: in this way, every room and cityscape will be virtual, and you will never have to worry about traffic jams or rushing from place to place. You can just sit in your living room and watch a video game, instead.

This Is How PC Games Will Look Like In 10 Years Time :

1.No Three.Dimensional Graphics

The graphics and animation of video games have become so advanced due to the technology we are using now, but imagine what the future holds! We can only speculate about that, but one thing we are certain of is that in 2022, 3D graphics will not be seen on PC gaming. The level of detail and realism will be like almost no other game you’ve played before. At this stage, it is already possible for us to create realistic facial expressions with the technology we have.

2. Realistic Crowds

Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, crowds in games will continue to keep getting better every year. One of the first games to use this kind of technology was Epic Games’s game Fortnite, which used it to make sure every single player in-game is found on the map at all times, and not just any old player.

3. Transparent Clothing

By 2022, clothing will be able to be 100% transparent and realistic. When the technology is completely perfected, there will be no difference between real clothing and CGI characters wearing it. We will also have access to realistic fur textures and detailed facial expressions that were made possible by advanced game engines like Unreal Engine 4‘s fur engine.

4. Over 1000 NPCs

Right now, we have amazing games with huge amounts of NPCs like GTA 5, but in 2022, that number could easily triple. Imagine a game where there are not just hundreds or even thousands of NPCs. But millions! And the player will most likely never see all of them at once. This is a trend that will continue for the foreseeable future.

5. Decaying Buildings And Roads

If you play any of the Battlefield games, you’ll notice that their maps often include a bunch of destroyed and decaying buildings and roads which really add to the aesthetic of these maps and add to the immersion factor as well.

We will see this technology go even further with the next-generation of consoles and higher PC specs. The introduction of realistic smoke and fire effects will also add to this immersive feel.

6. Animated Textures

This is a technology that we have already seen in games like The Division, but imagine the possibilities of this in the future! In 2022, we will be able to look at textures as if they are moving, breathing and animated in any way we choose. We’re talking about realistic water, fire, clouds and more. We can expect this technology to become more efficient towards its final implementation.


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