Why Is the Parisian Cocktail The Most Trending Thing Now?


Amidst the abundance of new products, life hacks and so-called trends that are in truth not much more than a series of hypes, there’s one thing that will never lose its sparkle. Parisian Cocktail is arguably the most trending spirit drink out there right now and this is for one simple reason: it retains the nostalgia of old classic cocktails such as French 75, Tom Collins or Gin Fizz. Parisian cocktail snack that is easy  to prepare and pleasing to the palate, it’s a perfect little drink that is great to start drinking in the morning. As with many trends nowadays, Parisian Cocktail was started by a couple of entrepreneurs who took an old recipe and made it into a product.  

When there are people who already have so much experience with cocktails, it’s even better if they can fill a gap in the market by bringing back these classic drinks that were so popular back in the time. There was once a time when you could visit your local bar and order either one of these famous drinks or some other variation on them. In fact, it may be tempting to assume that a Parisian Cocktail is just another unaffordable luxury drink hailing from a city on the other side of the world. But this isn’t so. 

Reasons Why Is Parisian Cocktail The Most Trending Thing Now :

1. It has been around for decades already.

The simple yet delicious recipe is not one that was created overnight. In fact, it’s a recipe that has been around for decades already, and even before that. It’s a cocktail that some people might be more familiar with from the movie ‘Sex and the City’, as it was one of Carrie Bradshaw’s favourite drinks when she went on a date with her lover Big. 

As the story goes, Carrie Bradshaw was a big fan of gin and tonic, so when she went on her date with Big, her dinner companion ordered this drink for her. She was so fond of it that she asked for the recipe. Even though it’s a very simple formula with only three ingredients – gin, sugar syrup and lemon juice – this drink managed to gather steam and develop a reputation among cocktail aficionados everywhere.

2. It’s easy to prepare

When you invest your time in making a Parisian Cocktail, you’ll see that it couldn’t be easier to prepare. It’s not a complicated cocktail that needs a certain set of ingredients or many tools in order to be properly made. In fact, you can prepare it just as easily inside your room at home as you can in a bar or at a restaurant. 

You’ll only need the basic ingredients that are available in almost any kitchen – gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and ice cubes. If you want to make it look fancier and classy, a garnish of fresh lemon slices and strawberries is an excellent choice for an added touch of elegance.

3. It’s easier on your wallet than other cocktails

If you like to start your day with a nice glass of sweet, fizzy drink, then this is the perfect thing for you. This cocktail is well-known for being affordable and accessible to almost everyone. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a drink that is less expensive than most other cocktails out there and that will still taste good, Parisian Cocktail is it. It’s an excellent alternative that won’t ruin your budget or your taste buds in any way.

4. It’s not as high in alcohol content as some other drinks are.

Another reason why Parisian Cocktail is seeing more and more popularity among people of all ages is because it isn’t as high in alcohol content as some other drinks are, such as whiskey for example. Even though the drink does contain a fair share of alcohol, the quantity is moderate in relation to its sweet component. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy this cocktail without losing control over your actions or getting drunk too early in the day before noon.

5. It might be a good choice if you’re pregnant.

The Parisian Cocktail doesn’t include any ingredients that may harm a developing baby inside the womb, which makes it a good alternative to some other cocktails that are often overlooked by pregnant women. If you want to enjoy a drink without the risk of getting too intoxicated or having an effect on your condition, Parisian Cocktail is the perfect option for you.

6. It is a great choice for people who are watching their weight

This cocktail is perhaps even better for people who want to lose weight and keep it off. Even though it contains quite a lot of sugar, the recipe is still sugary enough that it won’t make you feel sick or give you any nausea. So there’s no reason why this drink shouldn’t be one of your healthy options while dieting or staying fit and fresh!


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