10 Amazing Floor Decor Hacks


No matter your taste and design sensibilities, this list of ten amazing floor decor paramus hacks will have you drooling over how incredibly simple, cheap and clever these ideas are. Who knew that an old cheese grater could become a chic addition to any room for just a dollar!

Well get ready because here are the 10 best floor decor hacks we found. And if you want to keep up with all our latest posts, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Please note: The purpose of this exercise is to practice writing introductions for informative blog posts. Do not use these introductions in real life.

1. Create a masterpiece: 

Create a masterpiece with your favorite colors. You will need a wood block, acrylic paint, paint brushes, cheese grater and mod podge. First, using the cheese grater, scrape the paint off the paint brush onto the wood block. Then apply mod podge over the scraped paint with another brush to make it look like real paint brush strokes. Once finished with that wash and dry your block thoroughly and you’re ready to display this piece in your home!

2. Decorate a lamp: 

Give your lamps some personality by adding lace to them! All you will need is some lace (can be purchased at craft stores), gold spray paint, lamp base and hot glue gun. First spray paint the lacing with gold spray paint. Then glue it to the lamp base where you want it and stick on the lamp shade. Once these steps are complete, your lamps will be complete!

3. DIY Doorstop: 

Save money and recycle old CD’s by using them as doorstops! All you will need are some CD’s, a hot glue gun and a pencil. Write down any important information on a CD that could be dangerous if accessed by someone else such as emergency numbers and phone numbers. Place the CD in hot glue and then place it on an unwanted area of your door or in front of doors to keep thieves from gaining access.

4. Make a Chalkboard:

Create a beautiful chalkboard with cheap supplies that most of us have laying around in our homes. First, you’ll need two pieces of poster board and some printer paper. Cut the poster board according to the length of your wall space. Then trace the shape onto the printer paper and cut out your shape so that it’s large enough to fit in the poster board frame you are about to assemble. Next, take each piece of poster board and glue them together with hot glue. Add the print paper over the two pieces of poster board and secure to the frame with hot glue. The last thing you need to do is add a string hanger or tape it onto something for display!

5. Create a Ring Bowl: 

This project only requires one piece of wood! You will need a pencil, ruler, saw, hammer and your wooden piece of choice. Measure the width of your piece of wood (don’t forget to leave room for error) then draw a line from side to side in which you will place your hole. Using your saw, cut out the hole in which you will hold your jewelry. To this final step, add the ring and lock it. Now you’re ready to display your piece of art in a beautiful way!

6. Make a Leather Wallet:

The only supplies you will need for this project are leather, drill, sandpaper and scissors! First, line up one of your pockets on the leather piece with your wallet. Then use the drill to make a hole. Next, use an old boot or shoe that is leather or check it out at discount stores for free so that the hole will be big enough to fit your wallet plus a little room in between. Next, repurpose the old leather for the sole of your shoe for a fun touch. After you’ve sanded the edges, you’re ready to rock your new wallet!

7. Create a Cheese Grater Keychain: 

This one is simple. All you will need is an old cheese grater, some rope and super glue! First, spray paint the grater with whatever color you like. Let the paint dry then super glue it onto the rope and your keychain is complete!

8. Make a Scented Book: 

All you need is an old book, some paint and a candle. First, sand the book and you’re ready to start painting! Once that is done, let it dry then add the scent of your choice. If you want to do this project but are unsure of what scents work best, check out our post on scented books or scented candles here! 

9. Create a Homemade Jewelry Organizer:

Here’s all you will need for this one, beads and a cheese grater! First, cut strips of leather for your jewelry to rest on. Place them in order from largest to smallest widths. Once placed, cut the toe portions of your shoes so that they are slightly longer than the leather strips. After that is done, use your cheese grater and carefully shave off a little bit at a time which will be just enough to fit a bracelet or ring. Finally, attach to your leather strips with the glue so that they stay in place!

10. Create an Old Spice Gift Set:

I have been waiting for this one since our lazy guy posted on his blog! You need an old spice container, old spice spray and a clear binder clip. First, get out your bottle of old spice spray and spray it onto both sides of your container.


With that being said, these floor decor hacks are perfect ways to decorate your home on a budget. So if you’re looking for some cool new ways or items to add to your home project, try out these simple decor items and tell us what you think!


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