5 Incredible Office Decor Transformations


Social work Office decoration can be a daunting task. Not only are you faced with the duty of finding office furniture, but you also have to make it look good. But fear not! We’ve done all the hard work for you and compiled our favourite five office decor transformations that’ll inspire your interior design taste.

From a quirky millennial pink-filled space to a clean, minimalistic space that still retains personality, these offices both embody their owners’ personalities and give off an air of professionalism with its beautiful design.

If you’re planning on a redecorating project, be sure to check out these five awesome examples below.

1. Millennial Pink and Sunshine Yellow

This conversion from a law office to an interior design company is so refreshingly bright and beautiful, it’s enough to lift your spirits on a gloomy day! The combination of the two different shades of pink (a darker tone for the walls and lighter tones for the desks) create a happy and energetic atmosphere. The addition of pops of orange in both the small succulents as well as the mid-century style chairs complement this vibrant feel. Having various sized desks allows some room for variety, although it might take some getting used to working in such a cramped environment.

2. Minimalist

This office is so clean, you’ll feel as if you’re in a hotel! The fact that it still has a nice personality of its own, with the crisp white wooden desks and the yellowish colour of the walls, makes this old-school style office look so fresh and modern. When you think of minimalism, you might envision a boring office. However, this is the furthest from boring! The white walls and light grey floors instantly put you in a calm and collected state. This beautiful office has a comfortable, yet minimalist feel. The space is simple and clean, with tan walls and the bold color blocking used throughout the office. There are little decorations such as the succulents on desks which add a touch of life to this otherwise neutral palette. The gorgeous light grey sofa both adds color and texture while also being useful for working as it can easily accommodate four people at once! 

3. A Sparkling Combination of Grey, White and Gold

With a mixture of grey, white and gold tones, this office is fit for royalty. This decor is so regal, with its ornate chairs and gold accents here and there that it feels like a room fit for royalty. The combination of grey, white, and gold in this office are not only stunning but it truly showcases the owner’s personality. The gold lampshade behind the desk is a beautiful and attractive addition which adds a touch of style to this otherwise neutral office. The grey desk area and white window panels allow the floor to stand out. The marble material used for the desks is so versatile, it can fit into any office style or decor. The glass doors with grey handles add a sleek modern feel to this room whilst still being simplistic and elegant in design.

4. A Vibrant Orange Space

One of the most important things to consider when decorating is making sure that you fit in with your surroundings. That’s what this office does so well! The bright orange furniture and accessories instantly bring a burst of color to this otherwise dull office. This office shows how you don’t need one color for an entire room; you can use two different shades of orange as well! The black accent wall allows some contrast but doesn’t take away from the vibrant shade used on most of the furniture pieces. A mid-century style chair and desk also add an element of modernity to the office space. Another great feature is the small succulents that sit on top of the desks, which gives a soft touch to otherwise stark white walls.

5. A Gorgeous Combination of Neutral Colours and Metal Decor

This office has a very modern look to it. The bright and bold orange leather sofa is a fantastic addition that compliments the black walls. A mid-century style chair also adds an element of modernity to the office by bringing in a fun and vibrant color. White walls, white accent walls and black chairs complete this neutral office perfectly, although a touch of red would’ve been much better!

This office not only combines neutral colors with white accents, but it also uses metal as a way to make it stand out more than traditional coloured furniture would. For instance, instead of painting a shelf black like most people do, this space has it covered in gold-coloured velvet for an element of glamour and luxury. Metal is also used for the legs of furniture, as well as the handles on doors.


Office decorating is a task that can be very stressful at times. Not only must you find the perfect furniture for your office, but you also have to make it look good. With these five beautiful examples, hopefully you’ll have some inspiration on how to make your office look as good as it feels!


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