Best Coin Hacks Tips You Will Read This Year


The Internet is a godsend for the coin-obsessed. It’s only natural then, that we have collected some of our favorite coin hacks tips for dollar tree coin purse from around the web—these are some tips that you will not read anywhere else this year! From how to find loose change in your car to hacky DIY builds, these are all tried and true tricks that every penny-pincher should know.

So join us now and get ready to get your hands dirty with hidden treasures (and make sure you don’t forget: always do a quick pat-down before washing clothes) (who knows what could be stuck in there).

1. Duct Tape

Duct tape is a lot like duct tape.

If you can imagine it, duct tape probably has it done.

This hack may not seem as useful as the rest, but trust us when we say that this trick will make your life so much easier. Not only will you be saving money with this tip, but you’ll also be helping the environment! Simply wrap the roll of duct tape around your item (we recommend the roll of rtv-lite to keep the mess to a minimum), then stick it on and give a good shake to make sure everything is secure.

2. Hose Clamp

Not only are hose clamps great for keeping your hoses intact in the case of the zombie apocalypse, but they come in handy in more common situations as well. For those who are not familiar with hose clamp hacks, they can be used to keep pennies in place—meaning you won’t have to go hunting through your couch cushions ever again!

3. Reliable Shower Caddy

This is perfect for those who are living in small apartments, have bad aim, or just love showering in their sink. Shower caddies are a great way to utilize what you already have to make your life that much easier! It’s a great way to keep all of your bathroom necessities in one place—even if they’re an odd shape.

3. Glow Stick

Glow sticks are super nifty when it comes to getting the most out of your flashlight! Simply wrap it around the lens, and pop it in the freezer for a couple hours (make sure before using that the glow stick can’t be bent or rolled at all). Your frozen glow stick will keep your light cool and bright for hours on end.

4. Old Pillow Case

Who knew that old pillow cases were so versatile? You wouldn’t believe all the ways that it can come in handy—from keeping your jimmies out of the peanut butter jar, to keeping your late night snacks secure. If you have one, you definitely need to check out some of these hacks! 

5. Newspaper

You can never have too much newspaper in the kitchen during dinner prep time! While you’re at it, why not check out some other paper hacks as well? From slip-free mats to wallet-sized firestarters, there are lots of inventive ways you can use this everyday product! 

6. Dryer Sheet

It’s no surprise that dryer sheets are good for more than just your laundry! They can also be used in your kitchen and even garage. They’ll leave a nice clean smell behind, and if you’re careful with the measurements, they won’t interfere with any of the other scents that you want to leave behind.

7. Rock Salt

While this may seem counter-intuitive, rock salt is actually really useful around the house. Not only is it great to make ice by freezing water in a small tray (and saving yourself some money on ice packs), but it’s also perfect for a DIY air freshener (all you need is a mason jar full of the stuff!).

8. Hand Scrub

Hand scrub is amazing for getting greasy grime off of windows, doors, or other hard-to-reach surfaces; it’s also great for making your car look more presentable by using it on bumpers. If you own any cleaning products, chances are that you have one of these—and if not, then you’re missing out!

9. Tissues

If you’re still stuffing them in a random drawer somewhere thinking you’ll use them someday (or at least pop one in the glove box occasionally), then go ahead and take the plunge in a hacky way—by storing them in strategically placed pill bottles. 

10. Magnetic Bill Clips

Whenever you’re in the checkout line at the grocery store, stop by the magnetic bill clips. These ones are more than just steel and plastic—they have a wooden back that can be glued to your refrigerator or any other metal surface too! Use them as a magnet holder, and they’ll probably be able to hold up your little credit card magnet too; they even come in fun colors!


There you have it, folks! Our top ten most useful coin hacks tips—there is no better time to find out that your loose change can be used for so much more than just weighing down papers (useful as that might be). As long as you’re cautious about your choices, there’s no limit to what you can do with this stuff. Happy hacking!


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