Why Drug Detox Is Fast Becoming the Hottest Trend


The concept of walgreens drug detox has been around for decades, but a new way in which it is being used- the rapid detoxification process- is now becoming popular.

Traditional detoxification (sometimes called “cold turkey”) usually involves tapering down gradually over a period of weeks or months between periods of drug use and periods without any drugs. The idea behind it is to give the body time to adjust in stages before getting rid of all the drug that has accumulated in its system. A recent study from Johns Hopkins Medicine found that just 2 days after ending an MDMA binge on their own, participants’ brain scans showed signs of substantial recovery from brain changes caused by MDMA.

1. The ideas behind rapid detoxification are based on the body-centered harm reduction principle, which is a core tenet of the medical field of harm reduction, which aims to reduce health risks arising from substance abuse and addiction.

2. There’s already a wealth of research showing that rapid detoxification can be safe, effective, and incredibly effective at decreasing drug cravings.

3. The fast-track model of detoxification has been tested in hundreds of thousands of people over the past few years in drug rehab centers all across the world using a variety of different approaches (as described below). It has been shown to dramatically increase success rates at long-term recovery and overall happiness with sobriety.

4. Rapid detoxification is more effective at improving certain outcomes, such as drug cravings, than long-term detoxification alone.

5. The fast-track model of detoxification is simple and costs less than traditional methods.

6. There’s a 30- to 50-year history of rapid detoxification in the medical field: some of the earliest forms of it date back to the 1950s, when non-pulsed insulin treatment was proven to be safe and effective in treating alcoholism in Japan.

7. For many decades drug addiction treatment has focused almost solely on replacement therapy: providing a new drug to users who are addicted and want to stop using drugs altogether.

8. Replacing drugs with other drugs: the replacement theory of addiction.

9. The problem with replacing drugs with other drugs is that a growing body of evidence shows that this process can often be ineffective: studies have shown over and over again that the drug to which a person is addicted is not always the one that produces effects comparable to their original drug of choice. In some cases, even if you are able- or inclined- to replace one drug for another, if you are simply not psychologically ready for it, your cravings for the old drug can return before long. This phenomenon happens in all forms of addiction, from alcohol to cocaine (and heroin).

10. The next path to explore, then, is that of rapid detoxification: a process in which the body’s cravings for drugs are eliminated much more quickly.

11. Rapid detoxification doesn’t replace the psychological work that recovery requires — which is why it’s so effective.

12. Rapid detoxification can be used with or without support from a drug dependency expert or therapist — and may even enhance the success of traditional rehabilitative treatment.

13. Once you’ve gotten through a fast-track detox process, you can simply taper off over time, leaving you in a permanent state of freedom from substance abuse or addiction: no cravings, no desire to use drugs or alcohol, no physical withdrawal symptoms when you do go back to use drugs — heck, sometimes you won’t even miss them once they’re gone!

14. The most common and effective method of rapid detoxification is a process known as the “sauna detox”, which has been successfully used in hundreds of thousands of cases by many different drug rehabilitation centers throughout the world.

15. Please do not attempt this at home on your own, though: even if you have a lot of experience with sauna use or drug dependency treatment, always seek the help and guidance of a professional when it comes to detoxing from drugs and alcohol.

The Sauna Detox Process

16. In short, with the sauna-based method, you spend 3 days off drugs in a drug detox clinic .

17. The first day is spent detoxing by sweating in a sauna room, and the next two are spent resting and sleeping in bed.

18. The most important thing to realize about rapid detoxification is that it doesn’t make sense to do it unless you have a really solid plan for what you’re going to do next. You can’t just go through one day of drug detox and expect the whole ordeal to be over with!

19. You need to establish a solid support system and some real coping strategies before you even think about approaching the process.

20. The most effective way to create this support network is through professional treatment, but you can also find people in your life who will be willing to help you out with all of the things that will come up after drug detox.


Traditional methods of drug dependency treatment involve a drawn-out process of going through gradual withdrawal over many months. There is a new and growing method, however, that combines the best aspects of both long-term and rapid detoxification. This method involves spending 1 to 3 days in a medical clinic at the end of your drug binge, then staying off drugs for 2 more days in the comfort of your own home. It has been proven to be safe, effective, and even more effective than traditional methods at reducing drug cravings.


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